Salvadore Cream Gold, Tan Combs

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A Combination of Salvadoré Cream Gold Leaf and Gold Sandpaper Beads on Original Tan Combs.

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1 review for Salvadore Cream Gold, Tan Combs

  1. Donia Merkel

    I love these products and highly recommend them. This comb in particular I wear almost daily at work and at home. It looks beautiful in my brownish-blonde hair and makes my presentation look more put together. These combs keep my hair in place and out of my face, especially useful to stay cool and practical for keeping my hair up while looking good. One of my favorite aspects of these combs is that they have lasted me YEARS. The price is justifiable given that I no longer go through breakable hair ties and these are more functional, adjustable, and prettier than hair ties. I’ve got a collection going to pick colors of combs according to my outfit now. In the past decade, I’ve only had 2 of the combs lose function: 1 got broken after years of use and then accidentally being stepped on, 1 had the elastic weaken after 2 summers in chlorinated pools. I am beyond pleased with these products and look forward to wearing them for many years to come.

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